Sunday, April 03, 2005

Adventures at a Big Ten School that Wins Games

This weekend, I went to U. of Illinois to visit a friend and by default, to watch U. of I play Louisville in the NCAA tournament. Illinois is one school that is happy about basketball! After the Illini beat Louisville, students ran out into the main drag of Champaign, Green Street, some scaling buildings, trees, lampposts, and others being hoisted atop the shoulders of bulky frat guys.

Now, some Northwestern students have mourned the lack of school spirit here, lamenting that we're too busy with our studies to get excited about a ballgame. Being at U. of I made me realize, however, that I couldn't give less of a shit about having school spirit. While it's fun to watch a suspenseful game, the obnoxious drunk people, the noise, the mob, made me realize that I'd rather not have Northwestern win a Rose Bowl or NCAA Championship if I have to deal with all of that. I understand why people get excited, and I had a great time in U. of I, as I always do, but I could do without sports hooliganism.


Gonzalo Del Rio Villasenor said...

I agree. I could do without all the college sports hooliganism.

Anonymous said...

i second (and third) that sentiment. they say sports fandom is a healthy outlet for what might otherwise be unhealthy impulses, and there is much to admire about great athletics, BUT sports hysteria is out of hand. i already fear that the masses of our nation are too close to mob vigilantism. of course, this is nothing new, as many an old film attests. but i'd like to see us go in a more mature and moderate direction. forgive the paranoia.
~ harriet