Monday, April 25, 2005

TV not as degenerative as thought

When people talk about the golden age of television in the early 70's -- invoking shows like ''The Mary Tyler Moore Show'' and ''All in the Family'' -- they forget to mention how awful most television programming was during much of that decade.

Just to name a few pretty awful ones: "Sandford and Son," "Three's Company," "Welcome Back Mr. Kotter," "What's Happening"

Good article about how TV programs have increased in quality over the last 20-years, suggesting they have become more cognitively challenging by including various interconnecting plot strands and more sophisticated/esoteric dialogue. With shows like "The West Wing"(satisfies both qualifications), "Curb Your Enthusiasm" (satisfies first qualification), and "The Sopranos," which I don't watch but my parents love, I think this author has a point.

I also will go on record to defend the TV show "Survivor," which demands of its audience more than some might think: synthesizing the interpersonal relationships and political considerations of the characters so to figure out who might win the game.


sojourning crow said...

and this is relative to the explanation of your existence, how??

Elaine said...

ahhh unwarranted sarcasm, the other hobgoblin of small minds..., everything's relevant to my existence

Steph said...

that was obviously some random blogger who came upon your page on that fun little "next blog" button...BTW, fun post! Though I love bashing republicans and Bryan Tolles, I like the cultural commentaries too :) p.s. saw Triplets of Belleville this weekend...great movie!