Sunday, April 10, 2005

No Manners

Today I had the pleasure of being around not one but many very rude, loud people. The first instance was on the El train amongst riders going to a Cubs game. For some reason people going to Cubs games feel entitled to yell their conversations so everyone can hear. The family in front of me was no exception, with one of the travellers going on and on about her friend's hideous wedding plans and constantly yelling to her husband and father about various unimportant things.

My second experience with rudeness occurred just a few minutes ago at the library cafe here at Northwestern. I was standing in line to get a drink and I must have glanced over at the girl in front of me for a second because the next thing I know, she's saying to her friend "I hate it when people look me up in down" while standing about a foot away from me. Her friend responds, "Maybe they're intimidated by you." I should have said something back to her (like why don't you confront me if you hate it so much) but am not brave enough, and in fact it was probably better not to get involved with this self-important girl, but wow, she really overreacted. I'll admit, a sweatpants-wearing slob of a Northwestern student is pretty intimidating, but really, this girl needs to get some tact!

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