Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Oh, PR

Today the annoying flyer in the center of the Daily Northwestern, my university's main newspaper, was a glossy advertisement for something called "NU Cuisine." This flyer epitomizes everything I hate about public relations, with a sub-par product hiding behind a ridiculously over-stated ad campaign. Anyone who goes to Northwestern or to any college really will appreciate this ad.

On one side of the flyer, above a picture of some sushi, reads in bold letters: "Live like a student. Eat like a celebrity."

On the other side, we are told that Northwestern is "introducing NU Cuisine." That's funny, I thought we contracted out to Sodhexo. Anyhow, NU Cuisine is "the only restaurant in town that offers so much of today's contemporary ethnic and specialty cuisines." Even our dining halls have signature specialities. Elder has "made-to-order sandwiches and salads" and "carb-friendly options." Willard, the dining hall I ate in most frequently Freshman year and that went majorly downhill after Parents Weekend, unbeknownst to me, offers "healthful menu options" and "fresh fruit." My favorite work of PR stylizing is for the Crowe Cafe (the cafe in one of the academic buildings): "Quick service cafe featuring eclectic menu, organic coffees and espresso drinks." Who knew that scones and Doritos were eclectic!

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