Saturday, April 23, 2005

Spotlight on Facebook Club: People who are clearly jealous of Senator Obama

I should start writing a blog feature on messed up Facebook groups. The latest of the spiteful, angry Northwestern groups is named "Barack Obama is Overrated." I'm willing to admit that the man has gotten a lot of press in part because of his natural ease in front of a camera and good looks, but Obama himself has made a point of saying that his supporters shouldn't get seduced by all of the hype surrounding him. Furthermore, Obama's appeal also owes to his impressive education, his estimable career path, and his great speeches. If the creators of this group want to see overrated, they should look first to the leader of their party and keep on going from there. I'm willing to wager, however, that they are too bitter about Obama's success to seek to understand why Obama is so appealing to so many.

Furthermore, I find a problem with this group's defeatist attitude with regards to calling Illinois the "bluest" of states. Of course, it's their problem if they want to concede Illinois, and it's fine by me, but it is the general attitude of resignation regarding the supposed Red State/Blue State dichotomy that keeps people in this country polarized on politics.

Oh, and totally discrediting this group, they call Alan Keyes a "GOP Powerhouse." Even the GOP doesn't think that, much less all rational-thinking people. It's a laugh though!

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