Saturday, August 06, 2005


This morning I made myself a very good cup of coffee with either a Sumatra or Sulawesi blend. Usually, because I feel bad about using too many coffee beans, I don't end up with a full-bodied cup of coffee, but I guess absent-mindedly I put a lot in this morning and came out with one satisfying cup of coffee!

I know it is the tendency to think of coffee-drinkers as people who just do it for the caffeine, to get themselves through the day, but this ignores the pleasure that can be found in coffee. For instance, I drink the most coffee on the weekend, and I like to do it while reading the newspaper or sitting by my computer typing blogs entries like these. Anyway, bottoms up.


Anonymous said...

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william t nelson said...

you've been spammed

Elaine said...

That's sad. And here I thought that person really thought I was right on with my commentary.