Sunday, August 21, 2005

News of the week

Weschester County District Attorney Jeannine Pirro has thrown her hat in the (rather empty) ring of Republican contenders vying to run against Hillary Clinton, and she has let out a resounding battle cry against the junior Senator from New York: at a press conference, Pirro, getting ready to take a dig at Clinton, began her litany with her opponent's name, only to be forced to search through her papers for whatever it was she had to say, a process which took, according to "The Daily Show", at least 32 seconds.

A former top advisor to Colin Powell says that his involvement in Powell's famous Iraq presentation to the U.N. was "the lowest point" in his life. Of course, CNN is broadcasting this remark in a television special called "Dead Wrong -- Inside an Intelligence Meltdown," alternately titled, the "The Biggest Case of C.Y.A. Ever." Anyway, CNN's suggestion here that the Bush White House's decision to go to war can be blamed on the CIA's having given the White House bad intelligience is ridiculous, considering there were plenty of people in the CIA who could have told you Iraq had no WMDs.

In more important news, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Sean Combs, is now just Diddy. The Daily Show has a funny bit about this (see the clip entitled "Tome Delay").


william t nelson said...

I got to see the 32 seconds clip on Imus in the Morning about a week before it ran on the Daily Show. I guess they get backlogged since they only run one or two stories per day in the monologue now.

Regarding the other story, Imus regularly ridicules the Today Show for how pathetic it is [in terms of content and guests], so naturally he also ran the Diddy/Today Show clip.

I imagine the Today Show's great ratings come from people like my mom, though she doesn't get up early enough to watch it. I get worked up and bitter about godawful television.

Elaine said...

Yeah, those morning shows are so frivolous. I'm guessing some of the hosts think of themselves as journalists too (Diane Sawyer) which is too bad. I love how "The Daily Show" makes fun of these shows and what they attach priority to.