Monday, August 15, 2005

How to sleep on your ride to work

I just went to the site I mentioned below, CTA Tattler, and it is incredibly amusing. The blog entry entitled "Various CTA sleeping styles" really hits home. I used to reliably conk out on the CTA every day over the course of several summers that I worked downtown. The comments offer even more observations of types of sleepers seen on the El. This one is definitely me:
I always admired the people with makeshift pillows, such as the book or balled up jacked propped between the shoulder and wall, or (as I am known to do on occasion) wrapped around a duffle bag on the lap.
And this one is hilariously well thought out:
I have found that by far the most comfortable sleeping position for me is due to the incredibly convenient positioning of the two rear rows at the back of the car. Behind these last two rows (1 on on each side) and the inward facing seats behind them is a window, the interior ledge of which provides a great armrest. The upward bend in the ledge lets you comfortably lock your upper arm in at the elbow...

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