Sunday, August 21, 2005

I love Republican infighting (see Trent Lott's new book)

...Although it rarely seems to amount to anything. Still, I found this interesting:
August 21,2005 | WASHINGTON -- When Sen. Trent Lott decides which GOP presidential candidate to support in 2008, it apparently will not be Sen. Bill Frist, the Tennessee Republican who Lott says betrayed him at a low moment in his political career.

Asked Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" whether Frist, who challenged and succeeded Lott as Senate majority leader in 2002, has the character to be president, Lott paused before answering.

"I think I'd have to think about that," said Lott, R-Miss.

Lott said "a lot of good people out there" are thinking about whether to run and that "I probably would lean toward some of the others, let me just put it that way."

Although the other people that Lott would lean towards probably won't be named Rudolph Giuliani or John McCain. Or maybe not.

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