Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Gripes about fellow "L" riders (that aren't just from me!)

In today's RedEye: Some 'L' riders should hit the road
Writer lists "Cell Yell"ers, "Radio Rage"rs, "Mobile Makeup Artists," and "Train Tightrope Walkers" as some of these offensive riders. I would add loud conversers: people who have loud conversations with their buddies on the train. This morning three ladies were amplifying their already loud conversation by sitting behind one another (presumably so each could have two seats two herself, another example of inconsideration) therefore requiring that they practically screamed to one another to be heard.

Oh also today a pregnant woman got on, and no one near her offered their seat up, so I went over and offered her mine, but someone else had already taken it. Finally, another woman near us noticed and offered the pregnant woman her seat. What's next: make the 95-year old suffering from heat-exhaustion stand?

RedEye Readers are also invited to express their gripes with fellow riders. I like this one: 56.
Tourists who yell across the train cars at each other like it was their personal limo. Hey Goober! Shut up! Fine you're drunk and going to a Cubs game! SHUT THE HECK UP!Submitted by: 773 Forever3:32 PM CDT, Aug 9, 2005.
Even though I am a Cubs fan, I see this person's point.
However, I don't know if I share this person's feelings:
59. That person who is clipping his or her fingernails, and letting the clippings fall on the ground.Submitted by: Amy3:29 PM CDT, Aug 9, 2005
Does that ever happen??

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