Sunday, August 07, 2005

That's not golf

I found out about this over at another Chicagoblogs site.
As the blogger, Brendan McKillip says,
This morning on the WGN news I saw the report they ran about a golf course in Naperville hosting a event run by a local strip club. (The Chicago Tribune also ran a story about it as well.) Residents whose houses back up to the golf course videotaped some of the activities going on at the golf event and contacted Naperville police. They also sent a copy of the tape to WGN.
I have to say, I find it kind of voyeuristic of the neighbors of the golf course to record the events that went on at the golf course, detailed here on this WGN newscast (who am I kidding? I might watch out my window for awhile. It's just so twisted). I guess the neighbors were also making a video copy for the police. As McKillip also says,
On a side note, you have to love the final quote in the Trib article on this story:
Naperville Police Lt. Ken Parcell told WGN, "We're going to continue to review (the tape) and try to identify if there's any activity which would be worth prosecuting and meet with our state's attorney to once again discuss it."

I bet you'll continue to review the tape Lt. Parcell - you and all the boys down at the precinct will take a good close look at the tape. Preferably over at Jimmy's house with a couple cases of beer down in his basement while his old lady is out.

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