Tuesday, August 09, 2005

One thing I like about where I work is that something out-of-the ordinary is bound to happen over the course of any given week. For one, the location of our building is such that protestors often assemble outside or across the street. When Aaron Patterson was on trial, protestors would gather across the street daily in support of his acquittal. Today, when I was waiting outside of the building, I heard a drum beat that belonged to a group of Cabrini Green residents and supporters protesting their eminent, city-mandated relocation from the housing project. I have to say, using the drums to call attention to their cause was a good idea.

I also found out today that a lawyer, Demitrus Evans, who had twice walked out of a courtroom during proceedings refusing to defend the aforementioned Patterson is now being brought in front of the judge who presided over that trial next week to determine whether she should be held in contempt of court and fined. According to a Chicago Sun-times article, this hearing is scheduled for the upcoming Monday, and, according to the Judge who Evans will appear before, Evans' series of bizarre activities "borders on delusional."

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