Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The 'Transit Theater'

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been deriving great enjoyment from reading the CTA Tattler, a blog about anything and everything seen on Chicago's El and buses. I tried very hard to think of the strangest pieces of "Transit Theater," as they call it on the website, that I've seen and finally came up with these two:
  • One night last summer I was coming home from Chicago on the El with a few friends at a late hour. As our train pulled into the last stop on the line, I happened to glance over at a very pale man wearing a baggy blue jumpsuit who I hadn't noticed before. Kind of a strange sight in general, this man now made himself even more memorable: he had a certain body part out and was pulling what can most euphemistically be called a George Michael. It turned out that one of my other friends had seen the what I had seen, so as we got off the train, we both started running, with our two friends who were spared the horror left to confusedly trail after us until we could explain what we saw to them on the car ride home.
  • Last week, I was waiting for my train at Adams. Usually, the train cars are not very crowded until they make it a little further around the Loop, to Quincy or Washington & Wells. For some reason though, the car that I got ready to board looked completely full. When the doors opened, people started filing out...and then more people, and more people, and more people, all of them Asian. It was the longest time I must have ever waited to let everyone out of a train car. It turned out all of these people were part of what must have been one large tour group, but all I could think of was the clown car at the circus.
That's all for now, but hopefully I'll think of more later. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and read about the Gordita Eating Trannies. Also, please share any good transit stories you have!


william t nelson said...

Incident #2 sounds like the godforsaken Belgian m├ętro.

It was nice to go to Brussels, but I think once was enough.

Elaine said...

Ha yeah, Brussles, now there was a depressing public transit system if I ever saw one. I felt like I was in the 1970s.

RVGROVER said...

incident #1 is commmon occurance in other parts of the world and observeable on the farm in many species.

right to be shocked. public diplay and al that.

not been brusells only istanbul and bombay. instanbul has a railway system in mothballs (the orient express of the 1940's fame and bombay have a system that's bursting at the seams

Elaine said...

You're absolutely right that incident #1 does not seem uncommon. In fact, here's an example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/94886948@N00/35501732/