Thursday, March 11, 2004

Charlton Heston Reads the Bible

Tonight Kat and Melissa stumbled on a new television feat, and it is called Charlton Heston Presents the Bible. This inspired video series (for only one easy payment of $39.95) presents Heston, yes, reading The Holy Book in very authentic settings. Authentic settings such as Jerusalem, where I've heard a few important things happened back in the day. It doesn't get much more real than that. I swear to god (haha sorry!).

So what prompted Charlton to embark on this biblical tour de force? According to the product's web site--good lord, I can't believe I'm promoting this video (there I go again with those irresistable god puns!!)--there is a very special reason behind this audio-visual rendition of the Good Book (the God book?). According to Charlton,

"Ever since playing Moses in The Ten Commandments I've felt a deep, personal connection with the Bible which remains as vivid and vital today as when it was told around campfires centuries before there was any written language."

And now for some viewer comments,

“Charlton Heston was just amazing.”
-Doris Quiros

“He does tell these stories with a sense of passion.”-Father Patrick Dorsey, S.J.

“I don’t think you ever get tired of hearing these stories over and over.”-Beverly Riehm
(hahah over and over....and over and over...)

And these comments are not restricted to just one religion folks; Charlton's series is interdenominational, in fact even a rabbi approves highly!

The poor saps who loved "Charlton Heston Presents the Bible" and the rest of us who have to go about our lives knowing that there are people like these folks out there.

And here is perhaps one of the most depressing thing that I have ever read:

“Watching the Charlton Heston videos makes you feel that you’re not alone in the world.”--Maureen Frazer

Man, so fucking crazy. Amen.

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