Friday, March 12, 2004

The Inevitable Post About Guys (we all knew it was coming)

Men. Boys. Whatever. One of my favorite things about them is that they claim to be mystified by women. I have heard many a time that we are "complicated" while they are "simple." We are the gender that is hard to figure out, not them. Their needs are basic and material: food, sex, video games; our needs are complex and abstract: emotional stability, the assurance that we are engaged in meaningful relationships, and a bunch of other crazy unquantifiable things.

Myself, I think that all of the above is crap. I think that men and women both have very complex needs along with very simple ones, and I hate to hear guys say how unreadable and overly complicated girls are because it is simply. not. true. Actually, a better way to put it is that guys are equally as unreadable to girls as girls are to guys.

Also I'll make a generalization here which is that, each gender generalizes about the other gender. Girls say guys by nature don't want to committ, guys say girls are unpredictable. If someone gets hurt in a relationship, this person tends to view all members of their partner's gender through the same lens as that which they view their partner. So if a person's partner was noncommittal, the whole gender is noncomittal, etc.

Also, on a related note, can I just say how much I hate noticeable public displays of affection? I don't like to be a fascist about it, but it's so annoying when people can't keep their hands off of each other in public places. I would honestly feel embarassed for how incredibly pathetic they look if these overt PDAs didn't frustrate me so much.

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