Wednesday, March 17, 2004

A Senate Race Between Two Lookers

So the results are in, and Democrat Barack Obama will be running against Republican Jack Ryan in the U.S. Senate race for the state of Illinois (my state). This is going to be a very important race, since the Senate is so closely divided between Republicans and Democrats.

According to the Chicago Tribune,
Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Jack Ryan are both Harvard educated, loaded with charisma and sport made-for-TV good looks, but that's about where the similarites end...

Indeed, both men are attractive. I'm not so biased as to deny Jack Ryan's physical appeal.

And Barack Obama:

Geez, I don't remember the last time that there was such attracitveness in a political campaign. This is rare, folks. Of course, I am still strongly for Obama: he is incredibly experienced, the best kind of liberal, very bright, a nearly perfect candidate.

(Interestingly, Ryan lives in Wilmette, where I'm from. Funny, I've never seen him at Walker Brothers or the Plaza de Lago Starbucks, but I wouldn't mind it. LOL)

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