Thursday, March 11, 2004

I Met Chris Klein!!

Tonight I went to a free screening of a soon to be released movie called The United States of Leland and my friends and I met Chris Klein, one of the movie's stars. Yes, you may know him from American Pie and as Katie Holmes's boyfriend. He was a nice guy and signed the back of my ticket. Haha, I know I'm a nerd but it was okay because lots of people were getting his autograph so we're all star-struck dorks. What would I ever do if I were to meet Paul Newman? haha!

During Q&A Session after Movie:
Precocious Female Audience Member: Were you trying to go all Oedipus [in terms of a particular casting decision in the film]?
The director Matthew Ryan Hoge basically answers that no, he was not.
Chris Klein: ....I mean whatever turns you on


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