Thursday, March 18, 2004

A Tired Line

In today's Chicago Tribune, in the article "Republican aims to unite party, but divorce issue refuses to fade," about the Obama v. Ryan Senate race that I am currently enamored with, there is a quote from Steve Rauschenberger, a state senator from Elgin and an opponent of Jack Ryan's in the Republican primary. It follows,

"Barack is well-spoken, and he's very bright, but he's very liberal. He's to the left of almost everybody in the [state] Senate on most of the issues," Rauschenberger said. "And he's just another Chicago Democrat."

Now if that's not the most inane comment, I don't know what is. It seems as if once again, the Republican party will try to campaign against their Democratic opponent by calling him "liberal" and a "Chicago Democrat." Of course, they don't offer us any reason as to why it is bad for someone to be a liberal or a Chicago Democrat. I guess the latter is supposed to appeal to downstate folks because, they are so far removed from the city, but the use of these supposedly loaded terms on the part of the Republican party is getting pretty old. I mean, in every campaign they call their opponent a liberal and expect to go on that. It didn't work against our current governor, Rod Blagojevich who is, from Chicago!!God forbid they actually give people some reasons why they should vote against Obama as opposed to bringing out their trusty epithets.

P.S., Some other Illinois Senate Race items:
According to the Chicago Tribune's Ellen Warren, this is what the IL Senate Race will amount to:
Obama: Black, lean, articulate, Columbia University ('83) undergrad, Harvard Law School vs.
Ryan: White, lean, articulate, Dartmouth undergrad, Harvard Business School.

Also, Obama "does have the most famous millionaire celebrity supporter, Chicago icon Michael Jordan, who contributed $10,000 to the Obama campaign." I wanna be like Mike!

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