Wednesday, June 22, 2005


The last couple nights I have stopped over at what is to become my future place of residence, an "apartment" (it's actually a house) in Evanston where I will be living next year. The girls who resided there before us were content to leave as much as they could in the building, which means they left their share of crap along with some of the more useful things like furniture. Still, the apartment is nice, and I love my room which looks out onto the street and is a nice size, plus the first time I've had a single in college (other then when I was living in Paris). The girl who is living there this summer organized the furniture brilliantly, a skill I wish I had. I love design and figuring out how to organize things, but I'm not very conceptual. I wish I could post pictures of the apartment in all of its glamorousness (damn not having a digital).

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