Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mark Warner in 2008?

Granted, I think the Democrats should be worrying about MANY MANY other things before thinking too much about Election 2008, but at least candidates can start preparing, because, according to Howard Dean's campaign manager Joe Trippi's book The Revolution Will not be Televised, presedential races take a lot of preparation.

I think the most promising person I've read about is Virginia Governor Mark Warner. Moreso than Hillary Clinton (who I find has moderated some of her more inspiring goals and rhetoric to seem less liberal) and Barack Obama (who is too new in office), Mark Warner seems a great choice.

Here are some excerpts from an interview he conducted with Salon.

  • My starting premise is that I really think we need to change the framing of the political debate, from right vs. left, conservative vs. liberal, to future vs. past. The Democratic Party at its best has always been when it has been about the future.
  • But we have not fully cracked the code of, "How do you give that kid in Martinsville, Va., the chance to stay in the community he grew up in?" That is the appeal, and that is the question. And in a lot of ways for Democrats, rural America, small town America, mid-city America, [offer political opportunities]. These are places where people have decided they're going to stay. They're going to stay and they want their communities to flourish, yet they have received virtually no benefits from this current administration.
  • How do we make sure that there is the kind of quality of life that makes rural America or small-town America appealing? How does it not feel like it is under constant assault, being in effect belittled as not as valid as what we see on the TV set every night?
  • I think the president's biggest mistake, and I think he's made it twice, once right after 9/11, and once after the Iraq war started, is that he never called on this country for any level of shared sacrifice.
  • I think that what's become the conventional political wisdom -- that every Democrat has to make sure that they include a Bible verse in every speech -- isn't the case. People want to know who you are. They see that through your faith. They see that through your values. They see that through what you've done in your life, what you emphasize as your priorities.
  • If Democrats do not commit to being a national party, competitive everywhere in this country, we do not only our party but our country a disservice.
I remember when Illinois' current Governor, Rod Blagojevich went to downstate Illinois for a huge campaign effort. When politicians make a genuine appeal to these areas of our country, they win, and hopefully, rural citizens win as well. It is to our great detriment as a political party for the Democrats to write these people off, which is why Howard Dean's strategy of providing "Red State" support is so laudable and also a long-time coming.

Anyway, keep your eye on Governor Mark Warner. I like him, and I hope he throws his hat in the ring in '08.


Anonymous said...

thanks, Elaine ~ another heard-about-first from you ~ just like howard dean!
~ harriet

Joe Trippi said...

Elaine -- thanks for plugging the book! I too admire Mark Warner.

Joe Trippi
stop by sometime.

NU Left said...
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Elaine said...

Mr. Trippi,
I appreciate your stopping by very much, and what a great book. I have my brother reading it as well! I'm realizing while reading the book why the Dean campaign had such a hold on me and so many other Americans. I am hoping to make a website for all of the progressive organizations on my college campus so we can work together more easily, an idea I thought of after reading about all of the Dean for America Campaign's ideas about using the web. Thanks again,

Eddie R. said...

Here are some of the reasons why Mark Warner is one to keep your eye on in 2008:

He was born into a family of modest means.

Was the first in his family to attend college.

Is Harvard educated with a degree in law.

After not doing so well in his first startup businesses, he went on to make a fortune estimated at up to $180 Million in the cell phone business.

Was elected Governor of a southern "red" state that had a $6 billion deficit.

Turned that $6 billion deficit into a $1.2 billion surplus.

Salvaged Virginia's threatened AAA bond rating.

Provided the largest increase in education funding in Virginia history.

Revamped the tax code enabling 140,000 VA citizens to no longer have to file or pay any state income tax.

Was a Governing Magazine "Public Official of the Year" in 2004.

Was elected Chairman of the National Governors Association in 2004 by his peers with the support of many Republicans.

Under his leadership, Virginia has been recognized as the "Best Managed State in the Nation."

One article says "there is hardly anything in Virginia that is not done right and done well."

Mark Warner will leave office in 2005 as one of the most popular governor's in Virginia history.

Mark Warner is an able campaigner who ran strong in rural areas as well as larger cities.

His record is superb and his image and personal life are squeaky clean.

Republicans will have a hard time finding an effective attack strategy against Mark Warner.

Other things you should know:

America is looking for a president that can reach across party lines to solve our country's most pressing problems, bring down the debt, restore fiscal responsibility, and put divisions aside for the common good of the nation.

There is no Democratic Governor in the United States with the successful record that Governor Mark Warner would bring to the next presidential race.

No president (democrat or republican) has ever been elected without winning a portion of the southern states.

Every democratic president since Lyndon Johnson has been from the south.

Virginia is known as the mother of presidents. Eight U.S. presidents were from Virginia including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, & Woodrow Wilson.

Could Mark Warner be the next president to hail from Virginia? We believe so. Join the national effort to Draft Mark Warner for President in 2008.

Sign up Now!
News, Online Petition, Yahoo Groups (all 50 states), Blog.

Keep up with the fuss at:

Looking forward to the 2008 presidential election, one man that stands out above all others--Governor Mark Warner should be the nominee of the Democratic Party in 2008.

Governor Mark Warner is the democratic governor that will change the tone in Washington for real!

Elaine said...

Wow, thanks for the comprehensive list eddie. I especially like what Warner has said and done on education and the debt. He noted in the Salon article that our education system will crumble if we don't do something about it, which is absolutely true and I believe a sentiment most Americans share. Educators must be trained and paid better in this country, and children must get support to make dreams of going to college come true without leaving school with a huge debt burden. I don't understand why Democrats don't talk about this issue. It is a winning issue because it's an important issue.