Thursday, June 16, 2005

One more thing about the Dean comment that the Republican party is mostly white and Christian: the man's right.

In Chapter 1, we give a brief description of race/ethnicity and religion in Retro America. It is overwhelmingly White and Protestant Christian, usually of an evangelical and often fundamentalist bent. In the Deep South, Blacks form a large percentage (often as high as 85 percent) of the population and have significant local political power. They are, however, culturally, religiously, economically, and politically segregated from White society and almost totally excluded from the now-dominant Republican Party.

The Republican Party, as represented by its affiliated lawmakers in the state legislatures, is almost 99 percent white, 82.2 percent male, and 1.1 percent minority.

Data on the 108th U.S. House of Representatives show that the ranks of Republican lawmakers have nearly the same demographic profile at the state and the national levels: Whites hold a whopping 99 percent of Republican-held seats at both the state and national levels.

Retro vs. Metro

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