Thursday, June 09, 2005

White Dog

This afternoon I got to see a recently re-released version of director Sam Fuller's 1982 film White Dog. The premise of the film is interesting: a woman finds a white dog who she discovers has been trained to attack black people. The movie was pulled very soon after it opened in theaters because it was deemed racist and offensive, but supposedly it was very misunderstood, actually making a pointed commentary on racism. I can understand if people would be offended by it, even though it seemed to come across pretty clearly that the film was directed against racism and its manifestation over time into something engrained and horrific. Anyway, watch this movie regardless of what I say because it's just an interesting concept, and the dog does a great job. Lassie can't hold a candle to that white german shepard.


Gonzalo said...

there are white german shepards?

Elaine said...

Apparently?? I don't know...see the movie, it's really interesting. I just looked it up on IMDB again and indeed, the dog is a german shepard. As I said, the dog does a GREAT acting job. Since you're a movie person too, you should give this one a try.