Thursday, June 16, 2005

Avant Garde Scattergories

Yes, everyone's favorite word game (besides Scrabble and Balderdash) has gotten a makeover, courtesy of my enterprising younger brother. His idea was rather than writing down real nouns that start with the letter that has been randomly chosen, the players write down nouns that sound like they would fit into the given category.

Here are some good ones that my brother, his girlfriend, and I came up with when we played last night, all made up:

Sports players:
Paul Panzarro
Perry Perez
Pete Papageorge
(definitely would all be MLB players)

U.S. Presidents:
Preston Sturges

Terry's Leather
James 'n' Things

Boys names:

Tucker Tickson

Bodies of Water:
Lake Tagotoga

TV Shows:
"Lang and the Gang"
"Louie Fucks it Up"

Jason Wrench

Body Part:
Jemp's Plateau

Lenny Cassidy

Things at a Footbal Game:
Lorpus Pad

Type of Tree:

Sunny Spot:
Tikino Bay

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