Friday, June 17, 2005

Save Big Bird

and the rest of PBS. Republicans are up to what they do best, slashing any semblance of educational programming from television through a House Appropriations Committee decision to cut funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. CPB is a government-funded organization that directs money to public outlets like PBS. The funding being eliminated is a whopping 25% of the CPB's budget.

According to my friend who is into education, PBS is also a huge resource for educational tools for teachers. Of course, Republicans are against teachers as well.

The idiotic thing about this is that PBS which according to mentally-skewed Republicans has a "liberal bias." Well, if Fox is "fair and balanced" to these guys, Ghengis Khan would seem to have a liberal bias. Seriously though, PBS's political reporting is just a little less mealy-mouthed than the rest of the news programs. However, they still feature some great, informative programming like "Frontline," and of course their kids' programming is very good.

Plus, PBS is the station that Americans control. Disempowering it is disempowering Americans connectivity to television programing, what little of it we seem able to influence of it nowadays.

This article is useful in understanding the Republican siege against the CPB undertaken by its chairperson, Kenneth Tomlinson.

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