Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Little Black Dress

I need this dress.

It is the most practical yet subtly chic style ever. Epitomized famously by Audrey Hepburn

(whose films I like, except for Breakfast at Tiffany's which is supremely overrated, and who has a blasphemous yet ballsy article written about her worth as a style icon here, "Audrey Hepburn: Fashion Icon or Style Tyrant?")

this dress is a classic. And I need one by Thursday, as I will be going to a dinner for which it would be perfect. Damn my lacking the basics.


Steph said...

Try Banana Republic or Ann Taylor for your dress. They should be having sales now.

Elaine said...

Sadly I couldn't find anything...Well Ann Taylor had something for $202.00 (I was at Old Orchard today)--too high for me. I didn't make it down to Banana Republic becuase I was way too tired of shopping by then, but oI couldn't find a dress of the type online. There were a lot of sales at all of the stores though. Great one at Express.