Sunday, June 26, 2005

Iraq Needs College Republicans

This is pretty funny. (Found it here). It would serve College Republicans well to put action to belief and stick these posters around campuses. If that one's too much for them, there's this one too:

I can tell you this much, it will be the day when young, ambitious Republicans of tomorrow start enlisting even though they were the ones who wanted the war.


Anonymous said...

you might want to check out the
yellow republican effort

Elaine said...

Thanks for the tip. That is a very funny site. I especially like the post about Alberto Gonzalez disrobing Lady Justice: "I'm torn as to how to react to the news that the Inquisitor General disrobed the Spirit of Justice. On the one hand, he's endangering our mortal souls by exposing us to a naked breast, but on the other, he's paying tribute to the great work we're doing at Gitmo, Bagram, and Abu Gharib. "

Diary of A Rich Shopaholic said...


Oh, very, very, very, funny. I just did a post on the Bush countdown clock that has, that counts down the HHMMSS until he's outta there. Might want to check it out. If you have a lot of stuff like this you might want to visit my blog and hunt around a little, looks like I will be doing the same here!

I found your blog cause I was in a stage Version of The Man who Came to Dinner (Whitesides) and have been checking out people who have that in their profiles, figuring anyone smart enough to recognize comedy that funny and find it had to have something going for them.

More later. Now I have to check out Patriotboy...


Elaine said...
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Elaine said...

Yeah, The Man Who Came to Dinner is great...I can't believe it's not more well known nowadays (well maybe I much of our culture just lacks that incredible wit). Good blog! I liked the entry. Thanks for reading!