Sunday, June 26, 2005

Facebook Club of the Week

I'm trying to bring back my feature on most interesting, creative, or repulsive clubs of the week from college social site the Facebook.

This week the title goes to a club called "Students Who Wonder Why Dates in College Only Involve Tequila, $5 Fundraiser Parties and Random Play."*

*Note the use of the phrase "Random Play" which has actually been popularized by the Facebook.

Anyway, excerpts from the club description that I find amusing and all too true:

Exchange numbers?... No way, she'll think I'm a sleazy creep. Go out to one of Evanston's numerous coffee shops?... Are you kidding, he probably hates drinking liquids and making conversation. Take advantage of that one city, isn't it called Chicago?... Not if we have to talk and find things in common for the entire El ride there.

What about drunkenly bumping into them at some fundraising party that you paid 5 bucks to get into, slurring an introduction since you've never actually met before, commenting with a drunken wink how you know that they noticed you in class, blinking a lot to focus on their face while they talk, abandoning your friends to go back to their place, waking up the next morning at sunrise, grabbing your clothes and escaping home in regret, only to facebook them and wonder whether or not you should friend them now that the play isn't so "random"?

All I have to say is A-frickin'-men. When and why did college become such a hub for emotionally stunted interactions? I wish we could go back to the bygone days when guys had balls and girls had self-esteem. Alright, I'm phenomenally over-generalizing, but this Facebook clubs shows that others are having similar experiences and thoughts.

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