Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Weird Introspectivness

As some may have noticed, my recent posts have been a lot about me. I have to say, I'm confused right now. I'm not at a cross roads, because there are no distinct roads in my mind that I must choose between. Rather, I need to figure out what I want to spend time on after college? How do I get involved with such interests? Should I go abroad as an English teacher in France for a year and barely earn a living (if anyone knows how to get free rent in France, let me know)? Life just feels weird right now: the fact that I will be a senior in college is starting to sink in.

I've never been one to get gung ho about planning my future out to a tee and being overly vocational about schooling. I get annoyed when people say that their English/History/Political Science degrees aren't worth anything. Look, some people are pre-professional majors such as pre-meds or pre-business and have ingested stuff for their whole college career without really understanding why the ideas are important. Still, the more "pragmatic" talk I hear from people about what they're going to do after school, the more concerned I become about how non-pragmatic I've been. Then again, what do these guys know, they're just in college like me. College kids don't know anything. Myself included.

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Steph said...

Your introspectiveness is to be admired! Being a senior definitely does that to you. Also, I enjoy reading your personal musings, so don't feel like these posts are any less valuable to your readers than the intellectual stuff.