Sunday, June 26, 2005

Save Me from My Naivite

Sometimes I feel like I am painfully naive. Whenever I hear about some of the crazy things that people in high school do for instance I am astonished. In high school, I had neither the resources nor the balls (and stupidity) to do some of these crazy things. Here I am, a 22-year old swelled with the knowledge that there are 16-year olds who are more "badass" than I will ever be.

Not that I feel like I'm missing out; in fact, I think kids these days grow up too fast. Part of it can be attributed to adolescence, which is more invented than legitimate, considering humanity persisted until the 1800s without knowledge of such a stage of life. Anyhow, it is gospel nowadays that adolescents or teenagers will rebel. Why? Mainly because they have nothing else to do. When I hear how they "rebel" though, I feel pretty damn naive. (My refrain tends to be, "People do that in high school?").


Chris said...

lest we was when we were in high school that all the locks had to be changed because the school's master key had been distributed to 1/4 of the school's students.

You sure thought you were pretty badass sitting on a window ledge in Munich smoking cigarettes and cheap (cheap) wine. :-)

Elaine said...

Hahah...see, that's how naive I was. Meanwhile some kids are taking cocaine! I don't think the kids have gotten any worse, I think I was just pretty oblivious to how some people do things soo young in high school.

I don't know, that key prank is on another plane. I think it was a pretty brilliant yet incredibly stupid prank (because of the repercussions that those kids should have anticipated). NT was up in arms though, which was kind of fun.