Monday, June 20, 2005

First day "at court"

Today began my first day as an intern for a U.S. Appeals Court Judge (Seventh Circuit, as I am in Chicago, and the 7th covers the Midwest basically). Everyone was very nice and informative, and I daresay I will learn a lot. I am lucky to have this intern/externship though not necessarily meriting of it.

I am looking forward to learning a lot both from the work that I will do and from the people I am working with. Right now, I am still trying to figure out what field to work in after college (hell field, I'm just hoping for a decent job after I graduate!) and then decide whether I want to go to law school or graduate school in some subject (history? public policy? Help!). Anyway, I've so far learned from various sources that working for a big corporate law firm is pretty draining whereas working for an entity like the government can be quite interesting (from working in the courts to the SEC). Often I find that experiences where one is unleashed into the working world can help direct one towards what work not to do, even if it doesn't necessarily guide towards what to do.

Lastly, I will say that I wished I live in Chicago or the offcampus Northwestern area this summer rather than the further North suburban area, simply because it would be wonderful to be within walking and quick public transport (kinda an oxymoron when referring to the El, but still) distance from stores and entertainment. I mean I shouldn't even be complaining about this fercryinoutloud, as living at home=no rent and a beautiful summertime residential area, but I guess I'm just excited to live in the city and be closer to people and places.

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