Thursday, June 16, 2005

Supporting Howard Dean

So I know I've been compulsively posting about the Howard Dean critics, but I just think the whole event is emblematic of the spot that the Democratic party finds itself in. People like Joe Biden (see below) seem to think Dean is a threat to the party.

In a recent New Yorker article about Biden, the Senator from New Jersey said John Kerry made a huge political mistake when he brought up after tape by Osama bin Laden was released before the November election that bin Laden was still at large on George W. Bush's watch. Biden said something along the lines of that Kerry should have adamantly said he stands with the president and how dare bin Laden. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. The bin Laden tape, despite the establishment media's proclamations could have been a huge political success for Kerry: "Why is this man still loose? Bush should have caught him. We're fighting an unnecessary war in Iraq that is getting us nowhere near ending bin Laden's hold on parts of the Muslim world" etc. What's the point of Biden's strategy if it's praising Bush? An opposition candidate that does not make.

Anyhow, in support of Howard Dean and in opposition of officials the likes of Biden, I donated $10 to the DNC and sent them an e-mail:

Dear DNC Member Services,
I donated $10 today, and I just wanted to mention that I am donating
the money in support of Howard Dean and all of his great initiatives
as DNC chair not to mention his bold leadership. I hope he is not
cowed by other members of the Democratric party who seem more willing
to fight their own than fight the Republicans.
A loyal Democrat, Elaine Meyer

Here are some ideas suggested by a poster on David Sirota's blog regarding how to show your support for Chairman Howard Dean.

At 10:54 PM, Common Sense Mom said…

You are so right about Biden. How dare he say such a stupid thing about the leader of his party. Democrats are about to lose all power in Washington from a looming "nuclear option" and now the GOP is banning Dems from meeting rooms in the Capital for forums on issues related to corruption in our government.

TODAY is Democratic Solidarity Day (aka Support Howard Dean Day) Wednesday, July 15, 2005

Here's what you can do:

1 - Enlist your friends. Let folks know about this and encourage them to participate.
2 - Give money to the DNC – even $5 will send a message
3 - Call Democratic Elected Officials in the House and Senate
4 - Sign the Dean Speaks for Me petition
5 - Write Letters to the Editor -

When Biden or any other Washington Democrat has a problem with what Dean says, they need to talk to him directly instead of flapping their lips in public. Dean is far from perfect, but he is fighting the good fight for all of us.

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