Friday, July 15, 2005

Because flip flops were on the front page of the paper today

Even though the story I'm referencing, the one in today's Chicago Tribune about flip flops being worn to the White House, was actually in the print media and not TV, TV news is just as bad, if not worse in what they cover. (Why not just put that story in the Tempo section?)

Take a look at Be a Witness which is gathering petition signees to submit to TV networks asking them to cover newsworthy issues, namely genocide taking place in Darfur rather than focusing so much attention on things like runaway brides, Tom Cruise, and the Michael Jackson trial.

So even though, if you're like me, you probably sign ten petitions a day and you wonder what the hell they do anyway, I think we all have an interest in encouraging the media to be a helpful and useful organ for the public. And truth be told, petitions and call-ins work better than a lot of us think.

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