Sunday, July 03, 2005

Reports that Rove leaked CIA Agent Plame

It has been rumored in the blogosphere for sometime that Karl Rove was behind the leak of CIA agent Valerie Plame, a vindictive measure to get back at her husband Joseph Wilson IV who concluded that there had been no uranium purchases by Iraq from Niger, a major justification the Bush administration had used to go to war in Iraq.

One thing that people who think this should be investigated and tried should not let up on is how HUGE this is. A top person in the president's administration leaked the name of a CIA Agent, thereby committing treason. A treason conviction can result in the death penalty, which I personally don't believe in, but if Rove were sentenced to death it would be great irony to have a man who worked for the governor who presided over the most death penalty sentences in any state--Bush--sentenced to death himself.

Currently Rove is saying he didn't leak the actual name of the Agent.

My opinion of this is that the fact that Rove probably didn't take what he did seriously reflects on this administration's feeling of impenetrable power, of being able to get away with anything, which so far they have. Hopefully this development will change that, but it will take a big fight.

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