Sunday, July 24, 2005

Loyalty of Utmost Importance

Rove's button says "I'm a source, not a target" according to Crooks and Liars. Well, the man is coming out swinging. (Also, he's with columnist Robert Novak, his partner in the Plame crime. Nice that they're still friends).

I was just talking to John who made a good point that, if one thinks about this from Bush's view, firing Rove, who has been the most loyal of people to Bush and probably instrumental to Bush's political success would be a personal disaster. Though ethically I think firing Rove or revoking his security clearance is pretty much imperative, I can see how Rove would feel he was being stabbed in the back by the person he has helped most and how it would be totally against Bush's personal interest to demote the guy in any way. I guess this is the problem with investing in a ruthless campaign apparatus as Bush has: if that apparatus gets into trouble, you have to stand by it or risk having one of your own become one of your rivals.

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