Wednesday, July 20, 2005

John Roberts

Well here is what I have to say about John Roberts --wait, we interrupt this little blog thingie to talk about how good of a person Elaine is, and how that thing that parents did when we were little where they would drop us off and wait to make sure we get inside was a very funny thinhg. Some parents did it, some didn't.

First of all, Elaine is sitting next to me, and with a smile on her face (a "rye grin" if you will) said to me, "Yes, I remember."

This is why she is awesome. See, to get Elaine, you have to break her down. 95% Awesome. 64% amazing. 832% great. And 2.3% metal.

She do things others don't.
She will when others won't.
She my older sistah,
I'm talkin' 'bout Elaine (,bitch).
--A "different" person

Y'all do da damn thing. Respect Elaine! She is the nicest, coolest, kind-heartedest person I know, and I mean it like I'm green-it.

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