Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I'd take Paris over London any day

Paris, the frontrunner for Summer Olympics 2012 lost the bid today. London surprisingly pulled ahead by four votes to win the much coveted title of summer olympics host. As much as I love both cities (despite the title of this blog), I think Paris was the natural choice for the Olympics. It has a much better transportation network than London, whose Underground lacks the frequent connections and the ubiquitousness and spaciousness of stations that Paris's Metro offers, plus Paris has the recent experience of having hosted other big sporting events successfuly like the 1998 World Cup. Also, their PR campaign was much more invested than London's half-hearted one, singnalling to me that they were the more devoted and prepared city.

At the same time, I dread the day that Chicago or wherever I live hosts an Olympics game. I imagine the Taste of Chicago times 100 added to that it will be the only thing people talk about. At least London's blighted East End will get a boost, though Paris, which is struggling with high unemployment could have used the help too.


Steph said...

At least it's not in New York! That would have been HELL.
p.s. I can barely keep up w/ this 3 posts per day pace of yours!

Elaine said...

Yeah, I would not want the Olympics in NYC. I don't even know why they made the bid. Yeah, I've been addicted to blogging this summer...there's just so much to write about. Who says the summer is slow?