Friday, July 15, 2005

My 300th Post! Worktime musings

In honor of my 300th post, I will submit the most unstructured blog entry ever!

I am almost released since it is approximately 4:45 on Friday. This week has been quiet at work though very productive. Since the Patterson trial had pretty dry witness testimony yesterday, I decided to just skip viewing today and work, work, work. Provided below is my stream of consciousness at various points in the day: e-mails, who could they be from? Oh political cause, something else political, something else computers+reading=eyes buzzing...Lunch time

Now I’ll interrupt myself to say that a LOVELY place to eat lunch is the garden just south of our city’s beloved Art Institute (where a great Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit which I saw in D.C. is currently featured). It’s a quiet respite from the city (urban noises are drowned out by fountains) and you don’t have to sit too close to anyone, thus avoiding annoying cell phone conversations.

Okay, now back to this afternoon:
Should I get a Diet Coke?, I’m more in the mood for water...should I go downstairs to Patterson? No....suddenly office pandemonium! Exciting b/c it’s been quiet all day...quiet again...4:30 take break, go article about the idiot defense attorney Demetrius Evans, I guess she didn’t walk out of court she says...need Diet Coke..go down hall, open D.C. back in cold and good!
And here I am at 10 until 5

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