Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Update on my CTA delay correspondence

Well, I did get a prompt response from CTA Customer Service regarding my complaint for lack of an announcement about yesterday's delay:
Thank you for your complaint. Without knowing the actual time you were waiting at Adams & Wabash, we have no way of knowing what information might have been available at that time. The delay turned out to be caused by a person aboard a Red Line train near Morse Avenue who contacted the train operator on the intercom and claimed to have a bomb. This required an interruption in service--including on the Purple Line that runs next to the Red Line on that section of the route--that delayed your train from getting to the Loop until police could arrive and arrest the offender. There should have been announcements on the platforms as soon as we understood that a significant delay would be unavoidable, but we would need your time frame to know if the information was available when you needed it. If you will advise us on that issue, we will use your complaint in any way it might help us do better in the future. In the meantime, we apologize for the delay.
--CTA Customer Service

So I wrote back:
Dear Customer Service,
Thank you for your response. Of course, that is an understandable reason for a delay, but an announcement is always appreciated. I got at the station at 5:10 AM and the train came at approximately 5:40 AM.
Thanks for your quick response.

The saga continues...

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