Monday, July 25, 2005

Joe Trippi makes an interesting point...

...about US Supreme Court nominee John Roberts.
The most important thing I try to impart to people is how Washington really works -- it isn't a left vs right place so much as it is an insider vs outsider place. And that is why John Roberts' likely confirmation is so confusing to the progressive grassroots. The man is an emblem of the Washington establishment -- with too many friends on both sides of Washington's elite party circuit to be opposed. Washington is a place people go to be part of the club -- John Roberts is a card carrying member and that is why he will be confirmed regardless of the risk to a women's right to choose and other important constitutional issues. Bush's pick was smart -- not because of the small paper trail on this guy -- but because Bush and company understood that the country club of Washington would rally around one of their own.

The best case against this guy is that he has been inside Washington for too long -- he is too far removed from the daily plight of an unwed mother, a minority trying to find employment, a woman trying to get paid what she is worth.

In the end John Roberts will be confirmed for the very reason he should be turned away -- decent or not -- right wing or not -- he's too far removed from average Americans to rule over their rights and liberties for decades to come.

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