Sunday, July 03, 2005

Possible Supreme Court Appointees, A Brief Profile

Well, we know that Alberto Gonzales, current U.S. Attorney General and torture apologist wants the Supreme Court appointment badly.

Anyway, among possible Bush appointees who would satisfy the condition of being (a) right-wing (b) a woman and/or minority (c) (relatively) young, many are new to their current positions, be it on a circuit court or somewhere else.

48-year old Gonzales is one, since he was recently appointed to Attorney General, though I guess he's not right-wing enough for Bush's base.

By the by, this is a good point:

When you read all the negative responses by these ass hats against Justice O'Conner, it sort of surprises me. Mostly because if she had ruled against Bush in 2000, they never would be in the position that they are in right now. Al Gore might well have been president, leaving them to swing in the wind where they belong.

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