Friday, July 22, 2005

Whither Ohio GOP?

The state of Ohio may be edging toward a cataclysmic color shift: from red to blue.

The long-dominant Republican Party in Ohio today is beset by chaos, scandal, ethical breaches and shoddy performance at all levels.

Gov. Bob Taft’s approval rating dangles well below 50 percent, and he has recently retained a criminal lawyer to defend against charges of fund-raising irregularities.

...But now, with no incumbent and the GOP in disarray, this race is much different. The most striking difference is in the candidates, who met in a debate last Thursday night in an old gym on the rural campus of tiny Chatfield College in St. Martin, a village in Brown County.

Jean Schmidt, the Republican nominee, who was the only female in a 10-person primary race, is a slight, chic, low-key, 100 percent Bush backer from Loveland, and the head of an anti-abortion group in Cincinnati.

Her opponent, Paul Hackett, is a charismatic, impressive lawyer from Indian Hill, who recently returned from a seven-month tour of duty in Iraq as a Marine major, where he served on the front lines in battered Fallujah, an insurgent stronghold. If elected, he will be, incredibly, the only member of Congress to have served in Iraq.

"Hackett a standout in 2nd District race"


william t nelson said...

you might be interested to hear that I heard the first semiserious talk about the 2008 race yesterday. it wasn't on one of the wild and crazy cable news networks, either.

on the Democratic Party side I'd like to see Richardson run with Biden. one of the Clintons could become AG and the other to the SC. Obama may be ripe by 2012. if mr Gore has been literally lifting weights for the last 18 months and comes out as suave as mr Clinton, he might charm people.

I think McCain and Collins would be great for the Republicans and I would consider voting for them. however the party does not compromise and would not nominate them.

however, these scenarios that I'd like won't happen.

Elaine said...

Hey Will, Yeah I don't know what to think about '08, though I have mixed feelings on Biden. Richardson I like. I also like Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia. I don't think the Republicans will ever nominate Collins or even John McCain, because those two don't tow the line to the extent a lot of people would like. (Though McCain is more conservative than many people realize).