Monday, July 18, 2005

Spin Zone

Wow this is spin. Ken Mehlman, Chair of the Republican National Committee was on "Meet the Press" yesterday defending Karl Rove. As host Tim Russert points out, classified information, even if it is provided to a public official for confirmation, is not supposed to be verified. Ken Mehlman totally evades what Russert has just told him with his reply.

TIM RUSSERT: So by confirming a story for Robert Novak or sharing information with Matt Cooper--no matter where it came from--if in fact it was classified information, without seeking to determine whether it was declassified, it is an unauthorized disclosure.

KEN MEHLMAN: Well you're making an assumption that it's classifeid information. In fact what the story on Friday you pointed out shows and what earlier stories have shown is that this information at least came to Mr. Rove from journalists, not from a classified source. Again, here we are speculating...

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